Made with Xara Website by Susan Smily Divisions of the Stone Age Notes by Dr. Honora M. Finkelstein The Stone Age is named for the material used in tool-making throughout this prehistoric period.  It is divided into the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age, approximately 2.4 million years to about 10,500 years ago), the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age, which lasted about 500 years ), and the Neolithic (New Stone Age, from approximately 10,000 years ago). The Paleolithic Age is itself divided into the periods of Lower (ending 200,000 years ago), Middle (ending 40,000 years ago) , and Upper (ending 10,500 years ago).  The Paleolithic peoples were primarily hunter-gatherers; the Neolithic were farmers. The Mesolithic period was in most places a transitional phase between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic during which people emphasized fishing and developed new tools, particularly for use in woodworking; in some places, the Neolithic period lasted until more modern times, e.g., to 400 BC in Britain.