As Above, So Below (From the Baltimore A.R.E. Community Council Cooperator, who found it in the Greater Vancouver A.R.E. Newsletter) According to the author of the Greater Vancouver A.R.E. Newsletter, if a map of the stars is superimposed over a map of the Earth with the Pole Star over the North Pole, it creates a celestial clock that makes one revolution daily.  The noon point of that map (similar to the situation with Greenwich) is the Great Pyramid of Giza, referred to by the prophet Isaiah: “There shall be a pillar at the borders of Egypt for a sign and for a witness.” Thousands of years ago, Egypt was known as the land of Khem, and the Pleiades, a group of seven stars in the constellation of Taurus, were known as the Khema.  If the map is placed with the Khema over the land of Khem (Egypt) then Taurus falls over the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey; Ursa Major, the Great Bear, is over Russia, whose symbol is the bear; the head of Draco the Dragon is over China, sometimes referred to as the dragon; Perseus is over Persia; Orion is over Iran; Aries the Ram is over Rome; and Capricorn (associated with the god Pan) is over Panama, Panuco, and Mayapan, the old name for the Yucatan.  Aquila the Eagle is over the United States. As the author of the newsletter says, “The analogies are obvious and quite impressive.  This is a clear example of ‘As above, so below.’” Made with Xara Website by Susan Smily