The Gods of Egypt The information on this site was developed by Dr. Honora M. Finkelstein as a series of lecture notes for a World Cultures course. It contains a variety of information about many aspects of world culture throughout the ages. The following is a simplified discussion of the various gods and myths of Egypt. The Eye of Horus 1 - The Religious Centers of Egypt 2 - Egyptian Stories of Creation 3 - The Sun God and His Family 4 - The Myth of Osiris and Isis 5 - Horus and Thoth 6 - Animal Gods and Goddesses 7 - The Egyptian Calendar 8 - The Sons of Horus 9 - The Ka, the Ba and the Akh For more information, please see the following texts from which this discussion has been synthesized: Ions, Veronica. Egyptian Mythology. London: Hamlyn Publishing Group, 1968. Mercante, Anthony S. Who’s Who in Egyptian Mythology. New York: Clarkson N. Potter, 1978. Patrick, Richard. All Color Book of Egyptian Mythology. London: Octopus Books, 1972. Related Websites: Sacred Texts: Ancient Egypt Other web links are given on the Horus and Thoth page on this website. Made with Xara Website by Susan Smily