The Temple of Jerusalem  Notes by Dr. Honora M. Finkelstein Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem was supposedly destroyed by the Babylonians when the Jews were taken into captivity. Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, whose research relies on information handed down through several of the rituals of various degrees of Freemasonry, suggests that King Zerubabbel, who reigned upon the return of the Jews from the captivity, was credited by the Templar Order with having rebuilt the temple, which they believed they were excavating in the Middle Ages. Also discovered as an artifact from the Middle Ages was an artist’s rendition of the Temple at Jerusalem as conceived from Ezekiel’s vision of the New Jerusalem. And finally, there was the Temple, built on the same site by King Herod, which was destroyed by the Romans during the First Jewish War in A.D. 66-70. All of these temples were a part of Jewish tradition, though modern research suggests that only two, Solomon’s and Herod’s, were actually built. Made with Xara Website by Susan Smily