The Arthurian Legends 2 - Some Influences on Arthurian Legend Celtic Influences Magical paraphernalia  Cauldrons of power (the Dagda’s cauldron, and Ceridwen’s cauldron)  Magical potions  Magicians and witches  Transformations  Beheaded rulers who continue to rule  Faerie enchantments Courtly Love Romantic love as emphasized by Eleanor of Aquitaine in her “Court of Love”  Elevation of womanhood by men  The giving of tokens  Deeds done in the name of women  Lancelot and Guinevere Grail Legends Joseph of Arimathea and two forms of the Holy Grail  Perceval, a “son of the widow woman”  The Fisher King, a wounded and dying ruler, associated with the fruitfulness of the land he rules The Crusades The knights of the Round Table Templar influence Made with Xara Website by Susan Smily