The Templars 3 - The Templars and Rosslyn Chapel Among the scrolls found among the Dead Sea Scrolls is one called the Copper Scroll, which has a layout of the vast treasure storehouse under Herod’s Temple—a veritable library of scrolls of further teachings, and a vast treasure house.  We know this treasure room existed at the time the Dead Sea scrolls were buried, and the best guess is that the Templars found the treasure and the library and removed them. The Templars began a building program within the Roman Catholic Church, particularly in the home country of France, that was unequaled.  It included may of the great Gothic cathedrals.  As indicated above, the Templars were in fact quite marvelous builders, with a knowledge of how to align their edifices with astrological signs and other phenomena. It has also been suggested that they were speculative “masons,” builders of the “inner temple,” as well as the outer, and evidence indicates that in at least seven of their cathedrals, they built with the intention of stimulating the chakras of their initiates, who would go on pilgrimages to the cathedrals each in turn, and over a period of probably seven years. This brings up the question of whether the Grail is really the heart of the individual human being. There is also evidence that many churches in Europe, especially in Britain and France, were built on old pagan stone circles, which were originally astronomical/astrological observatories. In particular, Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins, the authors of Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail (Boston: Element Books, Ltd., 1999), show that the seven churchs built to stimulate the seven chakras of initiates begin with Santiago de Compostella in Spain (named for James the Just, the brother of Jesus) and are clearly dedicated in their art and architecture to the seven planets of the ancient world, beginning with the moon, and moving up through France, with the cathedral at Toulouse, dedicated to Mercury/Hermes; Orleans, dedicated to Venus; Chartres, dedicated to the sun; Notre Dame de Paris, dedicated to Mars; Amiens, dedicated to Jupiter; and finally Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, dedicated to Saturn. Several of these churches also have labyrinths in their floors, as well as astrological signs and symbols represented in sculpture and artwork. Rosslyn, representing the crown chakra center, was built by the St. Clair family in Scotland (the first earl was the brother-in-law of Hugh de Payen) and is an exact match for the temple of the New Jerusalem” of Ezekiel’s vision, as well as a match for Herod’s Temple, even to the Wailing Wall.  Moreover, the chapel has an underground room, closed for the past few hundred years, that many researchers believe may contain another cache of scrolls that will give us information about Jesus and the Jerusalem Church. The churches stand on an earth pattern that will be exactly matched by an astronomical sky pattern, wherein the planets the churches represent will be directly over the churches, on 28 July in the year 2019. Perhaps this is another example of the Hermetic statement, “That which is above is as that which is below . . . .” See also Knight, Christopher, and Robert Lomas. The Hiram Key. London: Arrow Books, 1997. Made with Xara Website by Susan Smily