Voltaire’s Candide Notes by Dr. Honora M. Finkelstein   5 - Archetypes of the Hero's Journey in Candide See also: Archetypes of the Hero's Journey 3 Types of Symbolism Innocent Candide begins as an Innocent; he attempts to return to this state even after he is thrown out of the castle of Thunder- Ten-Tronkh, for he has been taught this is the best of all possible worlds. In this, he differs from most characters because one usually does not return to the Innocent state after a fall. Orphan Several times in the course of the story he finds himself questioning the teachings of Dr. Pangloss. For as long as he feels sorry for himself, he is in the Orphan role. (However, he is far more likely to get moving than to sit and feel sorry for himself.) Wanderer/Seeker He wanders both alone and in company throughout the story. Because of the book’s picaresque nature, his wanderings are what move the action along. His goal is to find the best of all possible worlds, for the one he is experiencing isn’t it; he also has finding Cunegonde as a goal once he learns she is still alive. Warrior He plays the Warrior when he fights and kills the Grand Inquisitor, the Jewish merchant, and Cunnegonde’s brother. And he is always looking for the meaning of his experiences and is dauntless in this pursuit. Lover/Martyr Candide believes that marrying Cunegonde will be the best of all possible worlds. He is hence a perpetual Lover until he actually is able to marry her. Then, since she has lost her beauty, he would choose not to marry her. But he feels it is the only right thing to do, so in a sense, he martyrs himself in so doing. Throughout his adventures, he is totally accepting of everyone he meets. He never judges anyone with cynicism upon first meeting. Magician He finally comes to an acceptance of his experiences when he realizes that life can offer safety and a measure of contentment if one engages in meaningful work. His decision is to give up fruitless philosophizing and simply cultivate his garden. For him, this is the best of all possible worlds—he has come through the world unscathed, and it no longer matters to him what it may mean. Made with Xara Website by Susan Smily